Below is a listing of changes made to the DESKTOP VERSION of our software.

Patch (9.5) released to correct some issues where invalid characters were allowed to be stored in the grave identifier fields, and to add a notation to the edit page that existing purchasers can be edited via the Tools menu of the same page now.

Patch (9.4) released to allow users to change their data entry screen formatting. By default, the data entry screen will fill the entire monitor screen and size accordingly. Some users with large monitors may find this hard on the eyes. So now, if you open the data entry screen and click on the FILE menu you'll see an option to change the default view style, just above the option to close the window.

Patch (9.3) released to provide a fix for those creating custom reports and want to use filters that contain a single quote character.

Patch (9.2) released to provide a fix for those importing their records that contain cremation data. Prior importing supported values of true/false or 1/0, but not yes/no. Now the import routine recognizes yes/no in this data import field.

Patch (9.1) released to provide a fix for those creating custom field names with invalid characters. Valid characters for custom field names may only be alphabetic, numbers, and spaces going forward to avoid errors.

Released (9.0) which offers very minor updates to the end user, but is now programmed with a newer version of the Microsoft programming language and framework. Version 8 registrations will work fine with this new version. Minor updates include enhanced error messaging and a bug fix to the legacy grid editor to automatically convert invalid null values to actual values of either zero or blank strings. Prior versions of this software were written using Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework version 3.5. This new version is written using Visual Studio 2013 and .NET Framework version 4.5.

Patch (8.4) released to assist some users receiving database errors when trying to save data records. There was no known cause for this, and it was isolated to just one user, but we implemented additional error routines just in case this might affect others.

Patch (8.3) released to do the following:
  • Further enhanced the Purchasers Manager feature by allowing you to right-click on a grave record within the purchases manager detail window to pull up the full data entry screen for that record.
  • Enhanced the Data View page to allow the use of the CTRL-Left-Arrow and CTRL-Right-Arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to prior/next records in the database based on the Section/Lot/Grave already displayed.

Patch (8.2) released to do the following:
  • Enhanced the Purchasers Manager feature. You can now add purchasers as well as edit, and you can now add grave records via this feature for the first time. The tutorial will be updated to give more specifics about this so please check under the Tutorials menu to get the whole picture.
  • Added a Shared Notes feature. Now you can access a text document from the opening page of the application. The link is at the very bottom. Using this you can make notes for yourself or anyone else accessing your data.

Patch (8.1) released to do the following:
  • Fixed a bug where some users where getting an error message returning from Map View to Data View
  • Fixed a bug where custom data fields were not displaying on the Data View page
  • Added a "Search All Records" button to the search page which bypasses all filters and just returns all available records
  • Added drop down boxes to all custom data fields that aren't numbers or dates so you can select from previously inputted items
  • Added a Get Prior and Get Next record feature on the Data Edit page under the File menu
  • Added the ability to export your data records to tab-delimited text files (located in Configuration & Preferences / Data / Export)
  • Added the ability to export all your images into your Pictures folder (located in Configuration & Preferences / Data / Export)
  • Added the ability (from prior versions) to perform a bulk data update via the Grid Editor (located in Configuration & Preferences / Data / Legacy)

Release (8.0) now available. This version has the look and feel of the online version, but with features not available in the online version. Also includes improved speed as much of the programming has been re-written to be more efficient, and data elements not previously available in earlier versions such as an email address field for purchasers. Also fixes bugs with importing data that some users reported such as unresponsive database during import. PLEASE NOTE: THIS VERSION WILL REQUIRE RE-REGISTRATION IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING USER.

Patch (7.6.3) released to fix a minor issue with the displaying of disclaimer text on invoices.

Patch (7.6.2) released to display more date fields throughout the application in a more readable format. However, there are some areas where the date must remain in the MM/DD/YYYY format, but these are very limited areas.

Patch (7.6.1) released to enhance how dates appear on reports. Previously, dates were displayed in YYYY/MM/DD format (i.e. 2014/09/02). Now dates appear in a more user friendly format: Sep 02, 2014.

Patch (7.6.0) released to assist new users with a more intuitive interface. This version now gives you the option to go on a guided tour of data input and retrieval instead of just throwing you right into the primary data entry page.

Patch (7.5.13) released to remove some confusion for users that have downloaded the application and want to immediately register without inputting any data. Prior to this patch, it was required that a minimum of at least one data record be inputted into your database. This was intended to ensure that users were happy with the software before they registered, but some users prefer to bypass trial testing and go directly to registration.

Patch (7.5.12) released to enhance deed template creation by adding two additional font sizes... 6pt and 8pt. Also a fix for data imports which now includes whether or not your record is for cremains. This is an optional update, so if you you don't need to import data or work with deed templates you can ignore this patch.

Patch (7.5.11) released to remove some debugging tools that were left in by accident with the release of 7.5.10. Nothing critical here.

Patch (7.5.10) released to correct a minor bug in reporting using filters on purchaser data where a purchaser was not associated with the records.

Patch (7.5.9) released to correct an issue for users that subscribe to the online version and want to export their online data to the desktop version. Some users were getting an error. Please note that the installation routine has also been updated. This means that you should perform an un-install of the software before you install any new versions of this software. Your data will remain intact, it only removes the application files so the new files can be installed.

Patch (7.5.8) released to update the copyright to include the new year (2013). Nothing else updated.

Patch (7.5.7) released to put back the legacy search features... by popular demand.

Patch (7.5.6) released to fix an issue where temporary image placeholders were not being removed properly from the "My Pictures" folder.

Patch (7.5.5) released to further enhance the new search feature... now allows the user to input date filters for the four date fields (birth date, death date, inter date, purchase date).

Patch (7.5.4) released to correct an issue with the new search feature where searching by location was not providing accurate results. Now better utilizes the 'partial' search feature on locations.

Patch (7.5.3) released to further enhance the new search feature... now sorts according to filter options.

Patch (7.5.2) released to further enhance the new search feature... now you can filter your results even more.

Patch (7.5.1) released to enhance the new search feature... now you can input more than one search word and it will filter accordingly.

Patch (7.5.0) released to change the way data is searched within the application to more closely match the search feature of the online version. Results are displayed in a web-browser type window which can be printed if desired.

Patch (7.4.25) released to provide an enhancement to the built-in backup function. Now you have the option to add a time stamp to your ZIP file names in case you want to save archives more than once a day. This feature is within the Backup/Restore window, click on the DATA menu and there's a toggle whether you want to include the time in the ZIP file.

Patch (7.4.24) released to fix a very minor issue with maps converted from versions prior to 7.0 where the footer was displaying an out-of-date URL... now displays "".

Patch (7.4.23) released to allow users of versions lower than 7.2 to automatically import their data into 7.4 data format. ** NOTE ** versions prior to 7.2 are required to re-register to use the 7.4 data format.

Patch (7.4.22) released to fix a small bug that was not sorting cemeteries in dropdown boxes according to the assigned sort orders in the cemetery manager.

Patch (7.4.21) released to remove the "registered to" information from the deeds for any user that is registered. Un-registered users will still display "Not Yet Registered" on the deeds.

Patch (7.4.20) released to enhance the search feature. Previously, any time you typed a letter on your keyboard it would search your database for matches. Unfortunately, if you have thousands of records this can be cumbersome, so now you press TAB on your keyboard after typing a serious of search letters and then your results are returned. Also, fixed a bug on the deeds that was not properly displaying the registration information in the top left corner.

Patch (7.4.19) released to fix a very minor bug where an error message was displayed when going into the map editor screen. This has been resolved, no damage was done if you saw this message.

Patch (7.4.18) released to automatically resize image files before they are saved into the database so that users that store large amounts of images don't exceed the 2gb limit of the image.mdb database file. Also added a "please wait" indicator to the map editor upon closing the window so you know how it's progressing during the save function.

Patch (7.4.17) released to enhance the deed/certification configuration function. Now supports multiple deed templates. Also, increased text input from 60 characters to 255 characters.

Patch (7.4.16) released to enhance the deed/certification configuration window. Now uses a grid instead of a text editor so that you can use columns for a better visual display.

Patch (7.4.15) released to offer more for testers of the new deed production function. The configuration window is now updated so you can re-arrange the contents as you see fit. It's still very raw right now, but you'll get the general point. Please review and advise comments/issues/suggestions.

Patch (7.4.14) released to give a very small taste of the upcoming deed production function. This is in the earliest of stages, and only being put out so that users can test the PDF production and printing functionality to ensure compatibility. Any issues should be reported immediately. To test this, go into the CEMETERY DATABASE and click on the BILLING menu. Choose DEEDS and Generate Deed. The feature to configure the deed is not yet available and all it currently does is generate a black deed with nothing more than a border and your cemetery's name. Again, if there are any issues during this testing phase please contact us.

Patch (7.4.13) released to allow users to edit previously saved custom report formats. When you go to the REPORT section, click on ADVANCED and then Edit Previously Saved Report Parameters. Choose the report from your data folder and you can make temporary edits and then produce the report, or change the parameters and re-save the report. Also, a new standard report is available named Family Associations (for those users that are using this feature). Click on the STANDARD menu from the REPORTS section to find this.

Patch (7.4.12) released to provide a function to print the contents of the Purchaser Manager, and to correct a bug with the Family Association on the data entry screen where new records were not properly saving the family association, but existing records were saving. Also regarding the family associations, the dropdown was not refreshing contents when new records were added, this is resolved.

Patch (7.4.11) released as a very minor patch to enhance the import process from tab-delimited text files by ignoring the quote symbols that can be generated when Excel files are converted to ASCII text.

Patch (7.4.10) released to allow users to remove purchaser records even if they are associated with existing database records. A warning is displayed, and then a yes/no box to allow you to make the decision.

Patch (7.4.9) released to offer users the option of NOT resizing the data entry window to fill the screen. There's a new checkbox on the opening window that will disable this feature. By default, the standard view is enabled.

Patch (7.4.8) released to support the export/import of desktop version data to the online version data when the new custom fields are utilized. Also in this version is a new bulk editor that allows you to view ALL your records in one big grid so you can make quick edits.

Patch (7.4.7) released to assist users that have re-mapped their "My Documents" folder to a network shared drive. New feature for the Reports section to disable the print preview and go directly to printer only. Click on the Advanced menu for this option.

Patch (7.4.6) released to enhance an issue for some users that have changed their default data folder location and are unable to produce reports. Please include any error messages in an email to as they arise and we will assist you.

Patch (7.4.5) released to repair a bug with the import process that was truncating data to no more than 60 characters, even when a field may contain more than 60 characters (specifically, the "remarks" field).

Patch (7.4.4) released to repair a bug with the image view window. When no images existed, an error was displayed if you attempted to edit or remove the image.

Patch (7.4.3) released to repair an issue where images stored in versions prior to 7.4.0 were not being assigned to the correct record during conversion. If you are having this issue, please contact us at and I will walk you through steps to correct the issue. Also in this patch is a change to the installation routine for users of Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit that were receiving an error that a file named STDOLE was missing.

Patch (7.4.2) released to enhance error reporting.

Patch (7.4.1) released to ensure that new custom field names do not contain invalid characters. Custom field names must be alphabetic letters or numbers only... no special characters. If you've already set up custom field names that contain special characters and are experiencing errors please contact us. 

Minor Release (7.4) released to enhance the database by allowing the user to custom create an unlimited number of new data fields. Data fields may be text, values, amounts or dates... all defined by the user. This release requires that your database be converted from the 7.2 format to the new 7.4 format. You will not lose any data, but I always recommend you perform a data backup before installing any patches. Also included are dropdowns for Undertaker and Cause of Death for ease of input.

Patch (7.3.15) released to enhance the export to CSV or TXT file function by including the "remarks" data (which was not previously exportable). The "remarks" can contain embedded line breaks, which many users utilize to format their remarks to be more readable. Now, when exporting to a CSV or TXT, this data is included, but the embedded line break is replaced with the code {CRLF} in the data. This signals that a line break should exist at that location. In turn, if the data is re-imported back to the software, the {CRLF} is correctly interpreted as a line break.

Patch (7.3.14) released to fix a minor bug for the import process. Prior to this release, if the user attempted to insert a completely blank row an error was returned. Now, the record is imported regardless of the lack of data. Please be sure to review/edit your import files before submitting to the application. Also included in this version is the ability now to resize the data entry window.

Patch (7.3.13) released to fix a minor bug in the reporting function for filtering on dates when no date is provided as a filter. Now, when filtering an empty date, the report will either return records that contain a date, or don't contain a date, depending on the condition you choose. Also, many users have mentioned a dislike for the dates being formatted as month day, year (i.e. May 21, 1981). This version shortens the dates to a yyyy/mm/dd format (i.e. 1981/05/21) which should provide for more readability in the reporting output.

Patch (7.3.12) released to assist in the custom reporting function of the software. A user request was to allow multiple filters to a single data column. This is currently only supported by adding the column more than once and assigning a different filter accordingly. But prior to this patch, both columns would appear in the output. This is remedied with this patch, the data column will appear only once in the output. For an example on multiple filters, see below:

Patch (7.3.11) released to fix a bug in the image view screen. This only affects users that also use the online version of the software in tandem with the desktop version. There was an issue viewing images downloaded from the online version. This should be resolved with version 7.3.11, but if you experience further issues please report them as soon as possible. New to this feature is the ability to view the raw image if you double-click on the image within the application. This can be useful if the image is large and detailed (like a deed) and you want to be able to clearly view and/or print the image. Also available in this patch is a minor fix for those that were getting errors trying to produce statements in Windows 7 or Windows 8. This was not a programming fix, but rather a installation fix. If you still have issue with this please let us know.

Patch (7.3.10) released to fix a bug in the search function. Prior to version 7.3.10, if you double-click in the column headers of the search results an error is displayed and the application closes. This is no longer an issue. 

Patch (7.3.9) released to allow users to continue using the map editor and the archive/tools functions even after the trial period has expired. This is helpful to online users that want the ability to edit their maps without having to pay for registration of the desktop application.

Patch (7.3.8) released to improve the performance of the import function of the online version data. Drastically speeds import times.

Patch (7.3.7) released to provide an import function for the Online Version. Data downloaded from the online version completely replaces any data you currently have on file, so you may want to perform a backup before running this feature. This feature can be found in the Archive and Tools section, and clicking on the Data menu.

Patch (7.3.6) released to provide an export function for map data to be used for the online version of The Crypt Keeper. When in the map editor function, this is under the Export menu.

Patch (7.3.5) released to fix an error that some users were receiving when trying to save invoice data. The cause of the error was from the way some users have their date formats set with their operating systems, this is corrected so that no matter what format you use the data should save properly. If you experience any errors at any time please be sure to report them.

Patch (7.3.4) released to assist users with the purchase fields which are shaded yellow and are locked. A message now appears if you attempt to type into these fields to let you know that you can unlock these fields by pressing the F7 key on your keyboard.

Patch (7.3.3) released to correct an issue with custom reports. The 'StartsWith' and 'EndWith' filters were reversed.

Patch ( released for users having issues with an error that reads STDOLE.DLL is not properly installed. Installing this latest version should fix that problem.

Patch (7.3.2) to assist our team with any error conditions that you as the user may receive. This new error messaging function allows you to directly email us the error without you having to re-type it into an email. A live internet connection is required to use this function. If you are not connected to the internet at the time of the error you will need to send us your error the old fashioned way, manually.


Patch (7.3.1) due to an issue with Windows Vista and the new function to handle dates within the data entry window.

Patch (7.3.0) to enhance the date input in the data entry screens. This is mostly for non-USA users. The new date format will display as a three-character month, followed by the day, followed by the year. For example, 1/1/2010 will display as Jan 1, 2010.

Minor patch (7.2.7) to update the address of the new web server. No functionality has been updated with this patch, just the web address which is now:

Minor patch (7.2.6) addresses an issue with some users that have experienced an error message regarding interment dates being lower than the date of death, even though no interment date is supplied.

Minor patch (7.2.5) fixes an issue where importing raw data from a tab-delimited text file was causing the "please wait" window to hide a selection box to allow you to choose the cemetery for importing.

Minor patch (7.2.4) to allow the user to customize the three location fields... now instead of the default of "Section", "Lot", "Grave", you can call these location fields anything you want (up to a 10-character max length). This is done under the Cemetery Database section, Tools menu, Define Custom Fields menu.

Minor patch (7.2.3) to repair the backup/restore function... it was not including all file types, including the new map structure. This is a very important patch and it should be installed immediately to ensure data integrity.

Minor patch (7.2.2) to help speed up the process a little. For those with thousands of records you likely noticed a severe processing slowness. This is corrected along with a small error that was found when assigning a family member to the record.

Minor patch (7.2.1) to correct an issue where the event date search was not working properly, and the coloration of the map for an interred name without an interred date was not turning yellow to mark the location as 'reserved'. Also in this patch, made the maximum data entry window size 1024x768 to assist users that are experiencing screen overflows. If anyone notices issues where you are unable to view portions of the window please let us know.

Version 7.2 released offering the following...
  • Ability to assign more than one photo to a record
  • Photos will now be stored within the database
  • Ability to re-use existing purchaser data instead of re-typing
  • Billing, statements and payment receipts (please note this will require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer)
  • Optionally print a portion of the map instead of the entire map
  • Printer dialog boxes so you can choose a different printer
  • Informational fields max characters from 30 to 255 (includes customizable fields)
  • Remarks max characters from 255 to 32000
  • Option to 'group' family members
  • Lot Type Manager: allow removal of unwanted types
  • Lot Type Manager: assign sorting order
  • Cemetery Manager: assign sorting order
  • New field (checkbox) to identify if the record is for cremains
  • Larger window and text for easier reading, dynamically shapes the database window contents based on your screen size
  • Map editor will allow for a minimum lot grid of 1x1 or a maximum of 256x256 for even more flexibility
  • Clicking on the "help" option on any window gives you specific instructions on that topic rather than taking you to the beginning of the help document each time
  • Map viewing will be quicker when flipping back-and-forth between the data entry window and the map viewer multiple times, no need to "re-load" map data each time if no data edits were made

Version 7.1.26 released to aide users that are having problems installing the software on machines that already contain some of the components used by this software. The installation routine has been updated to overwrite files necessary by the software that may not be compatible with the versions included with this software.

Version 7.1.25 released to correct an additional issue where the prior patch was not correctly assigning the data folder if it was manually changed. Users that never changed their data folder would not be affected by this. If you have any trouble with your data folder please first install this version (or higher) and then contact us for assistance.

Version 7.1.24 released to correct an issue where the prior patch was incorrectly creating an additional data folder below the primary folder. If you are having problems after installing version 7.1.23 then please contact me for assistance and I will walk you through steps to correct.

Version 7.1.23 released to correct an issue pertaining to errors encountered when changing the data folder and that folder becomming unavailable.

Version 7.1.22 released to allow the removal of a cemetery as long as no records are associated to it.

Version 7.1.21 released to enhance the map editor. You can now assign up to 25 graves at a time instead of 16.

Version 7.1.20 released to offer additional information in the event of an error and to also automatically fix any issues related to setting a database folder that no longer exists.

Version 7.1.19 released to offer an "Export to Excel" option for reporting. You will find this option under the Print menu after your report is visible on the screen. This version also fixes a bug that incorrectly sorted Section/Lot/Grave locations when performing a search by Section/Lot/Grave.

Version 7.1.18 released to fix an issue for some users where the map view screen was not displaying properly.

Version 7.1.17 released to offer two different methods of printing your reports. The previous method (pre-version 7.1.15) sent the output to the printer in a spreadsheet style. The newer method (post-version 7.1.14) sent the output to the printer in a web browser style. Now you can choose to use either one. When you click on the Print menu, you are asked to choose your method.

Version 7.1.15, followed shortly by version 7.1.16, has been released to offer some improvements in the way the reports are generated both to the preview window and to the printer. This is going to be sort of a work in progress, so your patience is appreciated. If you have ideas for improvement as well as questions/concerns please feel free to contact us. Version 7.1.16 corrects an issue that gave an error message when producing some reports because of missing data.

Version 7.1.14 released which allows wrapping for remarks data on reports when embedded line breaks are used.

Version 7.1.13 released which fixes a couple of minor issues. Previously, some users had an error when adding the remarks to a custom report. This is now corrected. Also, on the map viewer, it was not properly displaying colors for multiple cemetery maps when identical numbering systems were used. On the map viewer, when clicking on a colored cell, it now displays a listing of the interred and/or purchaser in a two column listing instead of a single column listing.

Version 7.1.12 released which includes an updated help file. All these features have been added and the help file was not kept up to date. Other items included in this patch are:
  • a fix for reporting that was throwing an error in some situations when sorting by section/lot/grave
  • after producing a report when you close the report viewer it goes back to the report parameters so you can try other settings
  • there's a new report field available called "age" which shows you the years (or days when less than one year) of the age of an interred person based on birth and death dates

Version 7.1.11 released which now allows you to print the data entry screen contents with a new PRINT menu. Also provides an additional search feature that allows you to scan any text field in the database for a word or grouping of words. All search screens now support double-clicking on the selection rather than clicking on the 'get' button. Reports now sort properly when sorting by section/lot/grave.

Version 7.1.10 released which contains many improvements. With this version update, the following improvements/fixes were implemented:
  • Fixed an issue where saving an owner last name longer then 30 characters caused an application error. The program was allowing input of more than 30 characters, but the database only accepts 30.
  • The data entry screen now checks to ensure that your dates for birth/death/interment are not out of sequence. Birth date can no longer be later than death date, and so on.
  • Reports will now have proper titles. If a standard report is printed it will display the report title pre-programmed. If an advanced report is printed, the name of the report you provided is printed.
  • Page breaks can now be generated for your custom reports. The report will only recognize one column of your report for page breaks, however, and it will use the first one that you choose.
  • A new filter has been added to the custom reports... Doesn't Contain. This filter will allow you to exclude information. For example, if you want to exclude last names that contain the letters "Mc", you could use this feature.
  • The custom reports can now include the Remarks data.
  • The map editor function to automatically assign Section/Lot/Grave assignments has been enhanced to allow you to custom configure the rows/columns used for this feature. The prior default was 2 columns and 4 rows. You may have up to 4 rows/columns and as few as 2 rows/columns now (a total of 16 spaces). You can adjust this configuration with the Assign menu in the map editor.
  • Reports are now initially produced to be viewed on the screen, and then you can print to paper if desired

Version 7.1.9 released. This version provides a safety-net that ensures that the user has tried the software before they make a registration payment. To learn more about this feature please review the Q&A section of this website.

Put out a mini-patch (version 7.1.7 followed almost immediately by 7.1.8) to consolidate the extended map editing features directly into the main application instead of having a different shortcut.

Put out a mini-patch (version 7.1.6) to enhance shared data support. There is a new simplified interface to allow you to use a shared data folder. Please review the Q&A section for details.

Coming in March 2009, we will be offering customization of the software to your specifications for a nominal fee. This fee will be quoted based on the customization requested. For more information on this feature, please contact Penny (top of the HOME page).

Put out a mini-patch (version 7.1.5) to fix a small issue with importing new data into the software.

Put out a mini-patch (version 7.1.4) to remedy a situation for non-US users regarding date formatting. If you experience any issues with date or number formatting please let me know.

Put out a mini-patch (version 7.1.3) to try to resolve an issue with 64-bit versions of Windows Vista where the user receives an error and cannot use the software. If you receive an error of this nature, please let me know.

The Crypt Keeper cemetery software (cemetery record keeping and management) to maintain an inventory of your cemetery graves with an optional color coded map that you can design and maintain.

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