Running Reports

1. From the main application window, click on the REPORTS feature

2. A window appears with a grid in the center.

3. There are several reports already created and ready to run for you. You can access these pre-created reports via the STANDARD menu.
  • List Interred
    • By Location ID
    • By Name
    • By Date of Birth
    • By Date of Death
  • List Cemeteries
  • List Lot Types
  • Outstanding Receivables (any cemetery record where the amount paid is less than the amount owed)
  • Family Associations
  • Statements (only prints statements for records where you generated an invoice)

4. For those that would like to create their own custom reports
  • In the Advanced Reporting grid:
    • In the Report Column, choose the data fields you want displayed on your report
    • Assign a sort order to Report Columns only for data fields where sorting is necessary
    • If you want to narrow down your report results, you can set conditions and filters. For example, if you wanted to return records only from Section A of your database, you could assign:
      • Report Column = “Section”
      • Condition = “=”
      • Filter = “A”
  • Once you’ve defined all your report parameters, click on the ADVANCED menu to save your report. You’ll be asked to name the report.
  • You can then click on the PRODUCE REPORT button to display the report results.
  • If you want to load a previously saved report, click on the ADVANCED menu and then the Load Report option.
In the example custom report below, I've added just a few data columns and assigned sort orders. Please do not assign the same sort order value to more than one data column or you will get errors. You'll also notice I am filtering this report to return only records with an Interred Last Name greater than blank (or empty), which means only those with an existing last name will appear on the report.

Now if I want to instead return my records based on the interment date, I would change the filters as illustrated below...

Notice that I have two columns identified as InterDate. This is so that I can do a double filter. I want to return any record greater than or equal to 1/1/2015, but less than or equal to 12/31/2015. On the resulting report, the InterDate will only appear once.

To save your report so that you can run it again, click on the ADVANCED menu...

Be sure to save your report in your CryptKeeper folder so that when you run backups they are included.

Then when you go to load your report via the Advanced menu, it will be there where you left it.

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