Creating Invoices

1. With the database record already inputted and saved, click on the BILLING menu and then the Create/View Invoice for Selected Record.

2. If you’ve already created an invoice for this record, it is displayed in a read-only format where changes would not be possible. Otherwise, it will display a new invoice where you can change the variables as needed.

3. The first row of the invoice details contains the information based on the lot type pricing that you provided via the Lot Type Manager. You can change this value as needed.

4. When you’re satisfied with the invoice, use the File/Save menus. This locks the invoice so no further edits are possible.

5. To print the invoice, click on the File/Print menus.

6. You can apply payments to your invoices by:
  • Click on the BILLING menu
  • Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Pull up the purchaser record for the invoice/payment. Once it’s selected, all invoices for that purchaser will be displayed in the Activity pane
  • There are three tabs
    • Activity – lists all invoices for this purchaser
    • Process Payments – allows you to input payments received
    • Global Settings – allows you to edit how the billing feature works
  • Click on the Process Payments tab which will display all outstanding invoices and how much is owed. You can then input the Payment Received amount and the date received. Click on the APPLY PAYMENT button when complete.
  • When you’re all done with payments you can send out statements using the REPORTING feature.

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