Creating Deeds

1. You can add images to either NEW records or records you’re EDITing. Use the instructions preivously to learn how to add or edit records. A new database record must be saved before you can add images.

2. Once the record is displayed, click on the BILLING menu and then the DEEDS menu.

3. Before you create a deed, you should ensure the deed template will meet your needs. From the DEED menu, choose Configure Deed Template.
  • The deed template is a very simplified grid that allows you to use keywords to pull in your database record data fields by way of parameters. A sample template is already configured for you, but you can adjust this template any way you deem necessary.
  • When you are done configuring your deed click on the SAVE button. This will add the template to the available listing of templates. You may create as many deed templates as you like, and then choose the different templates by way of the dropdown box at the top of the template window for editing.
  • When editing an existing template, you can also delete the template as a new button appears for DELETE.

Be sure to name your deed template before you save it...

Then in the body of the deed, you can define if the row of text should be left justified, centered, or right justified...

Then in the body of the deed, you can define what you want displayed, which includes keywords that can be used to automatically fill in data from your database record...

The available keywords are listed on the right side of the window...

And if you decide you need to shrink your text a little so you can fit more information, be sure to adjust the font size for the document...

4. When you are ready to create a deed, click on the BILLING, DEED and Generate Deed menus. You’ll then choose the template you want to use. The deed will be generated in PDF format and will open for you automatically for either printing or saving to a different location on your computer.

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