Managing Purchaser Records

1. Click on the Configuration & Preferences feature from the main application window

2. Click on the Data menu from the Configuration & Preferences window

3. Click on the Purchasers Manager menu

4. Edit the data in this grid as necessary

5. If you notice you have duplications on the grid, you can use the Merge Purchaser Records feature via the File menu which will consolidate this information for you

6. To remove any data in the grid, use the CTRL-X keys on your keyboard which will erase the contents of a cell

7. If you need to remove a purchaser record completely, use the File/Remove menu

8. When you’re all finished, either click File/Save or just close the window and it will ask if you want to save your work

*** NEW FEATURES for 8.2 ***

You can now add purchasers via this feature as well as edit existing. To do this, click on the FILE menu and choose Add New Purchaser. A box will open in the middle of the screen allowing you to input the contact information for the purchaser. When you click the SAVE button, they will be added to the list in sort order.

Also, you can now add interment records via this feature. To do this, find the purchaser in the list and then double-click your left mouse button on the purchaser ID in the yellow column. A window will open listing any already existing records tied to this purchaser that you can freely edit. There are up to 500 rows on this page that you can add more records. Once you've inputted all your data, click on the FILE and SAVE menus and you'll be returned to the purchasers listing.

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