Inputting Data

1. From the main application window, click on the feature to View/Edit Your Data

2. A new screen appears, click on the NEW menu at the top of the window

3. A window opens with all of your available data fields waiting for you to input data. You can input as much or as little data as you like, but you must at least provide the location ID’s (Section, Lot, Grave) at a minimum. Keep in mind that these ID’s are used to link your database records to your map (if you choose to create maps) so be sure to maintain consistency.

4. When you get to the purchaser section:
  • To input a new purchaser, click the dropdown and choose the option to Add New Purchaser. The boxes will become enabled, allowing you to input data.
  • To choose an already inputted purchaser, click the dropdown and select the purchaser from the listing and all the boxes will then populate with the purchaser data on file

5. When you get to the deed and purchaser information, if you want to manually input this data, press the F7 key on your keyboard to unlock those data fields, or you can use the BILLING menu to create an invoice which will fill in those boxes for you based on invoice information.

6. When you get to the custom fields in the lower left corner of the window, you’ll notice that the Undertaker and the Cause of Death fields have drop down boxes. These are listings of already inputted information that you can quickly choose from instead of re-typing that information.

7. When you are done inputting data, you can click the File/Save menu.

8. To input more records you can press the ESC key on your keyboard to clear the screen for new entry or use the File/Clear menus.

9. You can add images to your data records, but you must first SAVE your record before you can add images (this is discussed in detail in another section of the document)

10. Closing the window takes you back to the View/Edit Your Data window

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