Configuring Lot Types

1. Click on the Configuration & Preferences feature from the main application window

2. Click on the Data menu and choose Lot Type Manager

3. Input as many lot types as your organization needs

4. Provide a price if you intend to use this information for invoicing and billing purposes

5. Update the sort number to identify how you want your lot types displayed in various parts of the application

6. Do not leave blank rows between lot types, this will cause problems with the database

7. To remove any data in the grid, use the CTRL-X keys on your keyboard which will erase the contents of a cell

8. When you’re all finished, either click File/Save or just close the window and it will ask if you want to save your work

The Crypt Keeper cemetery software (cemetery record keeping and management) to maintain an inventory of your cemetery graves with an optional color coded map that you can design and maintain.

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