Defining Custom Data Fields

1. Start the application and click on the Configuration & Preferences feature from the main application window

2. Click on the Data menu from the Configuration & Preferences window and then click on the Define Custom Fields menu

3. You may rename the Section, Lot and Grave field names if necessary, but there are some restrictions. You cannot move the existing names around, meaning you can’t have ID1 = Lot and ID2 = Section, these are reserved words, so be careful what you name these fields.

4. There are five already available fields in the database that you may redefine as you like. These are text fields, so anything you input will be fine. These are located in the lower left corner of the custom fields box.

5. In the grid on the right portion of this window, you can create completely new data elements. These fields can be any one of four data types:
  • Text – any data you want, up to 255 characters per field
  • Integer – any non-decimal value
  • Currency – any amount
  • Date – a valid date, must contain month and day, and must be greater than 1/1/1753
So if I want to create a brand new custom field named "Spouse Name" I might do the following:

You should refrain from naming ANY of your custom fields using special characters. Please limit your custom field names to letters of the alphabet, numbers, and the space key only.

6. Once you’ve inputted all your custom data field names, click on the SAVE button, but be aware that any new custom fields you define cannot be deleted once they are created.

7. If you need to reset the ID and Custom 1-5 fields to their original names, you can use the Reset to Defaults button to do this.

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