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You, sir, are a rockstar! Please keep doing all the great work you do with the cemetery software. It's wonderful to have and meets the needs of our small rural cemetery in southern Minnesota. Thank you, thank you!

~ Sterling Cemetery, Minnesota

Since I now regularly work in Crypt Keeper, I really enjoy using it and think you have done a great job making updates to make it more useful. Thank you for doing a great job!

~ Secretary of Salem Church, Indiana

We have used this for at least 6 years, and have been very impressed at how it fits our needs. Tom is very good about replying to questions, and we had a lot of them. He was patient and answered each of them promptly. Very easy to set up and also use - highly recommended.

~ Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Thanks for providing a reasonably priced program for tiny cemeteries like ours. I think people will appreciate this once I get finished and add a public link to my website.

~ Mark Jorgensen, Antler Cemetery Assoc, Inc

When I envisioned digitizing our records & having a database that gave us a visual map of our 8 cemeteries, THIS is exactly what I imagined. Thank you for putting this together and keeping it affordable for small towns with small budgets like ours.

~ Cindy Kudlik, Grafton NH Cemeteries

Thanks for your help and your program is perfect for associations that basically do not have a yearly budget.

~ Cliff McMillin, Fairview Dunkerton Cemetery

We have successfully used your software for many years and highly recommend it. Easy to use and effective. Even I can use it. Ann and I volunteered to operate the Buffalo Gap Cemetery around 2000 and ordered your software shortly thereafter. Don't know much about updating, etc, but it has been great for us to use on a daily basis.

~ David Perry, Buffalo Gap Cemetery

This cemetery software is awesome. So glad we purchased it! It has not only benefited our record keeping for our cemeteries, but we are also utilizing every aspect of this program as a valuable tool for genealogy inquiries we are receiving now and for the future.

~ Jodi Kale, Trustee, Berlin Township

I am quite pleased with this program. It is easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who does this sort of record keeping.

~ Mike Hoag

I like Crypt Keeper. It is user friendly and very easy to navigate. I have never encountered any problems. They keep it well maintained. It is a great, economical program that I will recommend to others.

~ Maredia Cunningham, contributor for Find-A-Grave

We are a small cemetery outside the Village of Greenwood NE with less then 2000 interments. Most records were not kept up to date and some were lost since it was established in the late 1800's. We started using a cemetery database program with Lotus Approach. When that became obsolete we heard of your system and have been very pleased with all the features it has. I find it very easy to use as an entry level person. We are planning to continue using your program.

~ Mike Maytes, Village of Greenwood, NE

We have been using this software for over 5 years. We think it is easy to use, after the original setup is done. We started with the desktop version and then went to the online version. This has made it easy for those who are looking for information about people in our cemetery. We have recommended this software to others.

~ Tim Nixon

I have reviewed other comments & I would just say "what they said" & I endorse your software.

~ Bill Haddock, Mt Zion Cemetery Assn, Hopkins County, TX

Mosier is a small rural city with two cemeteries and a staff of three to run the entire city, including the cemeteries. Crypt Keepers software enabled us to organize what was a pile of old notebooks and shoeboxes for records. For the first time, the community feels like the City is managing the cemeteries in a professional way! Crypt Keepers' Customer Service is outstanding--there is no problem Tom can't solve, and usually within one day.

~ Kathy Fitzpatrick

We are a small rural cemetery with approximately 7,000 burials on 40 acres. We have used Crypt Keeper software for several years. Customer support is outstanding. One feature which is extremely important to us is the Map. We can now see which lots are unsold; which have been previously sold and reserved for future use. This eliminates a lot of physical research for our Sexton. Thank You, Tom, for your software and support.

~ MaryJane Losey, BCLA Cemetery

Excellent program with an easy learning curve. I plotted the Saluda Cemetery in Saluda, North Carolina, and entered all the grave sites and pictures for the city to maintain. We are a small city with very limited resources, what a difference this program has made to the city, its residents and prospective plot owners. I plan to enter the other cemeteries in the immediate area in the near future so I can reference them as well. Again a great program for the small to average cemetery!

~ Ward Sandahl

I am the caretaker/record keeper at a small church cemetery. We had purchased a private cemetery program in 2000 for $2000 and when it needed to be updated because it would not transfer to a new computer that used Windows 2000 I started looking for another program. Tom was very helpful. He took the data from my old program and converted it to work with the Crypt Keeper. Anytime we have had any questions or problems, he has been very helpful to us. We use the online program and believe we really get good value for at very reasonable cost. Plus everything is backed up and can be accessed from any computer. I would highly recommend this software as Tom is constantly updating the program from people like me that use it.

~ Rich Davis

We are a cemetery in a very rural area and only sell 1 to 3 plots a year. This is the perfect program for us, and very easy to use. Much appreciate the time and effort that went into making this type of program accessible. Thanks!

~ Bonny Gates

I have had an older version of Crypt Keeper and started playing with a newer version, I am pretty impressed with the changes. I have shared it with a few cemeteries and they are thinking about it as well.

~ Dennis Allen

For me it was price! Small cemetery, office is not manned daily. We may only sell one or two plots a month, and sometimes none. So I couldn't afford one of the Big Dogs! Your program works just fine for me. Thanks for being there.

~ Gateway Gardens, Livingston, Louisiana

Three, maybe four years ago, whenever it was I purchased your software, I did an extensive survey of available cemetery programs, and even played around with using a spread sheet program to build my own. Simply put, other programs in the same price range as yours, were terribly simply spread sheets, and programs that did a lot more than yours, were as much as 100 times more expensive. I am a township supervisor. I am using tax payer money to maintain THEIR cemetery, and I couldn’t afford 5 to 10 grand for a program, which included guys wandering around the cemetery with GPS devices, creating my map. and by the way, you have been very supportive through the years, and I am still satisfied with my decision to use your product.

~ Hutsonville Township Supervisor

I did check several others before choosing The Crypt Keeper. What led me to convince my colleagues The Crypt Keeper was the way to go was the simplicity of your software and the price. Some of the competitors were anywhere from $2000-$4000 and offered options we undoubtedly would never use. I do have to admit, not only is the software user friendly and easy to navigate, the customer service has been prompt and outstanding. We are not only completely satisfied with our decision to go with Crypt Keeper, but I also have been out there promoting your software to other townships.

~ Trustee, Berlin Township, Ohio

We have been using Crypt Keeper for at least 7 years and have found it to be easy to use and navigate. We have 2 cemeteries in the database and have had no real issues, but Tom has always been there to answer questions if something arose. Of the many suggestions for change I have made over the years, all but one has been incorporated into the program to date. Great program for a very reasonable price. Holy Rosary and Mount Calvary Cemeteries, Rochester NH

~ Donald Hamann

I began using Crypt Keeper to manage my cemetery in November 2004, settling on version 6.8.1 and have only recently upgraded to version 7.4.10. As my cemetery grew, I frequently considered other cemetery management software available (e.g., Legecy, Potem, CIMS, and others) seeking a more resourceful system in which to operate a small community not-for-profit cemetery. It seems I always came back to Crypt Keeper for it was economically impractical to beat the simplicity, comprehensive data management, and robustness that Crypt Keeper offered. Much credit is due to Tom and his staff for consistently staying abreast of the smaller cemetery needs and publishing so many improvements over time. I am a Crypt Keeper devotee and appreciate Tom and his staff’s reception of improvements I have offered in the past. Not only did I purchase a software solution, but I have found I also got a support team which understood and made the effort to support the smaller cemetery requirements. I recommend the Crypt Keeper solution to any cemetery that is searching for a simple easy to use and maintain automation system which will serve them well. For those prospective users who would like to speak with me regarding my experience with the Crypt Keeper standalone application, I will be more than delighted to give you my very positive comments on the application and its integration with MS Office. You may contact me at: stea1341@aol.com, Gunnings Community Cemetery, Blountville Tennessee.

~ Robert Steadman

My experience so far with Crypt Keeper has been using the database, running a couple of reports and using the archive tools. I think the database screen is very easy to use. The search options and the ability to create custom fields are very helpful to me. Another helpful function is adding images to records. I've been scanning newspaper obituaries into a file and attaching the obit file to the database record using the images option. The backup and restore options are very easy to use. I've used backup/restore to transfer the database to a 2nd computer. My emails and questions have been answered quickly and I've been notified of patch updates on a timely basis. I've not used the Map Editor yet because I'm a long way from getting all the very old cemetery records added to the database but I plan on using it.

~ Jennifer Boyd

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