You can provide visitors with a link directly into your cemetery records and map (optional).

To do this, log into your online account and click on the SECURITY feature.

If you haven't already done so, create a view-only user configured with the same checkboxes as illustrated below, and then be sure to click on the SAVE button.

You are returned to a listing of users for your account. Click on the read-only user you just created.

Now when you are viewing the details for this user there is a new button...

Click on the GET AUTO LOGIN URL button and a link will be provided that you can then copy/paste into a browser or into your own HTML of your custom website so you can redirect visitors directly into your data.

Highlight and copy this URL and copy into a browser, as illustrated below...

Users will be taken directly to the functions they are available to see, and nothing more.

The Crypt Keeper cemetery software (cemetery record keeping and management) to maintain an inventory of your cemetery graves with an optional color coded map that you can design and maintain.

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