From: Jennifer Boyd
When: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 3:21:13 PM
My experience so far with Crypt Keeper has been using the database, running a couple of reports and using the archive tools.

I think the database screen is very easy to use. The search options and the ability to create custom fields are very helpful to me. Another helpful function is adding images to records. I've been scanning newspaper obituaries into a file and attaching the obit file to the database record using the images option.

The backup and restore options are very easy to use. I've used backup/restore to transfer the database to a 2nd computer.

My emails and questions have been answered quickly and I've been notified of patch updates on a timely basis.

I've not used the Map Editor yet because I'm a long way from getting all the very old cemetery records added to the database but I plan on using it.

Jennifer Boyd

From: Robert Steadman
When: Wednesday, August 01, 2012 4:34:54 PM
I began using Crypt Keeper to manage my cemetery in November 2004, settling on version 6.8.1 and have only recently upgraded to version 7.4.10.

As my cemetery grew, I frequently considered other cemetery management software available (e.g., Legecy, Potem, CIMS, and others) seeking a more resourceful system in which to operate a small community not-for-profit cemetery. It seems I always came back to Crypt Keeper for it was economically impractical to beat the simplicity, comprehensive data management, and robustness that Crypt Keeper offered.

Much credit is due to Tom and his staff for consistently staying abreast of the smaller cemetery needs and publishing so many improvements over time. I am a Crypt Keeper devotee and appreciate Tom and his staff’s reception of improvements I have offered in the past. Not only did I purchase a software solution, but I have found I also got a support team which understood and made the effort to support the smaller cemetery requirements.

I recommend the Crypt Keeper solution to any cemetery that is searching for a simple easy to use and maintain automation system which will serve them well.

Robert Steadman
Gunnings Community Cemetery
Blountville Tennessee

From: Robert Steadman
When: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 2:41:07 PM
For those prospective users who would like to speak with me regarding my experience with the Crypt Keeper standalone application, I will be more than delighted to give you my very positive comments on the application and its integration with MS Office.

I have been a Crypt Keeper user since early November 2004 and currently have 3331 interments recorded. You may contact me at:

Robert Steadman
Cemetery Manager
Gunnings Community Cemetery
Blountville Tennessee

From: Donald Hamann
When: Saturday, April 05, 2014 5:09:30 PM
We have been using Crypt Keeper for at least 7 years and have found it to be easy to use and navigate.

We have 2 cemeteries in the database and have had no real issues, but Tom has always been there to answer questions if something arose.

Of the many suggestions for change I have made over the years, all but one has been incorporated into the program to date. Great program for a very reasonable price.

Donald Hamann
Holy Rosary and Mount Calvary Cemeteries
Rochester NH

From: Robert Steadman
When: Friday, February 20, 2015 12:11:56 PM
Cemetery Name: New Gunnings Cemetery

Well folks, this old man has changed his mind. For a good many years I used the standalone Crypt Keeper Software and supported it as the way to go. Now that I have had a week or so on the online version, I am sold. May I express my appreciation for a superbly developed online version which in my opinion is superior to the standalone version. If anything, it offers me security of my data and the ability to log in from just about anywhere and do work. I thank you for setting up my database on the online version and will continue to be a spokesman for Crypt Keeper wherever I can.

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